Tele Link Soft

International HiTech company that provides products and services for growing up efficiency of employees work and security of corporate data.

Employee monitoring and data leak prevention

Initially founders have a vision that most current tools for employee monitoring and data leak prevention are too expensive, too hard in implementation and can’t show what really do employees on their PCs.

Have been decided that key point should be ability to see PC desktop of the employee online and record all actions on video.

Founders created a developer’s team and has been created Kickidler – only one Employee Monitoring System with Video Control.

Consulting service

Also we captured a lot of experience of growing up efficiency and protection, so now TeleLink Soft offers consulting services for customers.

Technical staff

Our technical staff will help to install and setup software and how to use most important functional.

Business analyze

Our business consultants will analyze Kickidler’s reports and recommend set of actions that help you protect your business.

Cloud storage

In case you don’t want to use your own servers for storage Kickidler data, our specialists will install server of Amazon hosting and support them.

Kickidler – best in class Employee Monitoring software

Kickidler shows what doing your employee on PC right now, what hi did before and how much time hi spent for work / personal needs.


Online monitoring

Opportunity to look at the monitor of any employee and find out what he is doing at the moment.

Practice shows that employees spend 30% of the working time on social networking, playing games, watching video, and visiting entertainment sites.

Online monitoring allows you to monitor both the individual employee and the whole department or organization.

Recording video of employee activity

Reports on employee activities may not always provide reliable information on how efficiently an employee performs (so practically any employee monitoring software can be easily deceived)&

The video will reduce the time of resolving disputes with employees

Recording of employee activities will help you organize the work in your company as efficiently as possible. You will be able to control the execution of orders, watch videos on any selected application (e.g. Skype), and by periods of violations.

Also video is an indisputable evidence in the event of trials with employees

Time tracking

Kickidler collects information about the employees’ active work time with certain programs or sites

Programs and sites are divided into productive and non-productive ones

Each employee or group (marketers, developers, etc.) has its set of productive and non-productive programs and sites. An interactive time tracking table is shown


Keylogger collects information on all the keystrokes in all programs

Keylogger displays the keystrokes in real time (the text the user types right now), as well as in the form of an interactive report

Pressing special keys are displayed as <Ctrl+C> and <Alt+F4>

The passwords the user enters will also be intercepted and displayed in plain text